Counting steps for a good cause: „Walk The Talk” Estonian style



published on 29 November 2021


To highlight the health aspect in Corona times, a step challenge was launched in our Swedish office. It took place from 11 October to 10 November 2021. 130 colleagues were part of this challenge – not only from Sweden but also from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. With the help of pedometers (e.g. smartphone, smartwatch or similar), the participants' steps were recorded and entered into an app. The goal was to jointly cover the distance from Stockholm to Lisbon with the partial destinations of Hamburg, Zurich, Milan, Montpellier and Barcelona. There were no prizes for the winners, but a donation was made to a good cause.


The „Walk The Talk” project came very unexpectedly to me, as a new marketing and communication specialist, who just joined the Rödl & Partner Estonia team at the beginning of October. I had just come to work, when I had to introduce a new charity walk project to new colleagues I hadn't met and didn’t know, and invite them to join. It was an immediate challenge for me but I think I managed.


A 2in1 letter introducing myself and the walk project went out and the next thing I knew, I started receiving emails in my inbox from new colleagues who wanted to sign up for the walk from Stockholm to Lisbon. There were 13 of us in total – all active and hardworking Estonian women who were ready to contribute in the evenings and early mornings, in addition to their daily work, in addition to their families and children, all in order to be in better shape and contribute to charity. Our Estonian team included auditors, lawyers, accountants and office assistants.

It was fascinating to follow our own and other teams' daily journey on the map and compare our efforts with others who were racing ahead at breakneck speed. It also sparked a discussion in the office with colleagues about who walks where and how much, and how it is possible to accumulate so many steps a day. The project was inspiring, and even if it had been a long, hard day, it gave me the motivation to get off the couch in the evening and go for a walk, even in the rain and storm. On the road we celebrated Octoberfest at the office and rewarded ourselves with delicious food.

We didn't make it to Lisbon at the end of the project on 10 November, but that didn't put us off. All the participants in our team gave 100 per cent and for that we sent out diplomas and small gift packs with delicious tea and honey. To boost and maintain good health, and to keep up the energy to keep clocking up the miles every day.

It was an exciting, inspiring, encouraging and physically rewarding project for all of us, and we are delighted to have been able to make a small contribution to charity. Exciting hikes and new discoveries on future journeys!

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